Drinking Alcohol While Pregnant – A Medical Suggestion

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A lot of pregnant woman been asking about drinking alcohol while having a baby inside. Yes! I know! Those one or two glasses of wine is really tempting.


Well, i have a few information (based on medical evidence) to tell to you for your consideration. Check it out!

Alcohol Definitely Affect Your Baby!

Scientist discover that alcohol exposure to the unborn baby may cause harm to the baby. Alcohol can disrupt the baby’s development at any stage, including earliest stage of pregnancy.  Consuming four or more glasses of alcohol regularly may put the baby at the greatest risk for severe disease.

The fetus can have what it called as Fetal Alcoholic Syndrome Disorder (FASD).

(Image 1. Fetal Alcoholic Syndrome Disorder baby)

FASD is a disease which characterize with facial anomalies,growth problems (either inside the uterus or after the labor) and cognitive impairment.There also a few report about baby having a major congenital anomalies such as heart defect, renal anomalies and cleft palate as a result of alcohol exposure in pregnancy.


The answer is quite simple. Alcohol can pass freely through the placental barrier. Usually this barrier will protect your baby from dangerous substances that you consume to prevent any health problem to the unborn one, but apparently not alcohol. That means when you drink 10 ml of vodka with 40% of alcohol in it, your baby can also “taste” almost all of it.

Okay, let’s get back to FASD…

Facial anomalies from alcohol exposure including smooth philtrum (a fold that runs from tip of nose to upper lip), short palpebral, and your baby may suffer from strabismus. These anomalies will be obvious by the age of 2 or 3. While growth of the baby with pre-labor alcohol exposure can be shorter than other babies with the same age. As for the cognitive impairment, the baby will have a learning difficulty and behavior problem in the future.

In several case, heavy consumption of alcohol may cause a miscarriage, stillbirth and premature labor.

So Can A Pregnant Woman Drink Alcohol or Not ?

Well, my suggestion (probably almost all the doctor suggestion) is to avoid all kind of alcohol while you have that baby bump. Because no one can predict how much alcohol is too much for you and your baby.


If you really cannot restrain your self or you fall to a circumstance that highly make you take that shot, there is a recommendation from The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) UK about taking the drink.

NICE advised that all woman must avoid alcohol during the first three months cause there is a high probability of baby having major congenital anomalies from an exposure of harmful substance (including alcohol) during this period. However after that a pregnant woman may take a little bit of alcohol once in a while.

How much? 

Well, NICE clearly state that woman can take no more than one UK unit of alcohol one or twice a week. One unit equal to half a pint of ordinary strength lager or beer, or 25 ml of spirits. If you take wine, 125 ml of wine (small shot) is equal to 1.5 UK Unit.

Now the choice is in your hand, whether you drink or going alcohol free for the next 9 months. But one thing for sure, better to avoid even a little danger than risking your beloved one to suffer the consequences for entire his/her life.

Stay Healthy, and Eat Your Soup!

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